Solar Panels & Batteries for Residential Homes in Sydney

Save money on your energy bills with the Clean Energy Project's Zero-cost Solar Panel & Battery Packages.

Solar for Homes

Switching to solar power for your home can lead to immediate savings on your energy bills and accelerate your journey toward sustainability. No matter where you reside in Sydney, we encourage you to explore our innovative zero-cost residential solar system packages to transition to clean energy effortlessly.

Our Zero-cost Clean Energy Project can slash your energy expenses by up to 25% and safeguard your household from escalating utility costs. With our solution, you can access clean solar energy without any upfront expenses, ongoing fees, or maintenance hassles — only the benefits of savings.

Are your soaring energy bills eating into your household budget and hindering your financial growth?

The surge in energy expenses poses a significant obstacle for homeowners across Australia.

While solar energy presents a promising solution, conventional solar installations present their own challenges.
Rising Energy costs have become a major concern for Australian homeowners and according to a recent survey over 60% of homeowners are grappling with the impact of rising energy costs. For many these expenses directly impede their ability to invest in new equipment for their homes.

Solar for Business

The VPP Advantage: A Smart, Sustainable Solution for Your Home's Energy Needs

Unlock immediate savings and gain a competitive edge by becoming part of a community of residential properties leveraging collective solar power. This cutting-edge solution empowers your home to lessen dependence on expensive grid energy and shift towards clean energy without initial investment or maintenance concerns:

Join our VPP: Connect your home to a network of properties equipped with solar panels, accessing a shared energy source and reducing reliance on costly grid power.

Zero Upfront Investment: Direct your resources toward essential business growth.

Immediate Savings: Experience an average reduction of 20-25% on your energy bills as soon as you join our VPP—savings you can reinvest directly into your household.

Hassle-Free Sustainability: Embrace clean energy without the hassle of equipment ownership or maintenance worries.

Competitive Edge: Lower operational expenses enhance your position in the market.

What is the Zero-Cost Solar & Battery package?

With our Zero-Cost Solar & Battery package, you can get a complete solar panel and battery system, expertly installed and managed, at no upfront cost.

The Clean Energy Project together with the National Renewables Network (NRN) will manage the installation and maintenance of your solar panel and battery system end-to-end.

In turn, you pay a fixed low rate of 18c per KW hour, saving the typical homeowner annual 20-25% on their electricity bill.

At the end of the 10 year term, you can either buy the equipment from us at a discounted rate, or sign up for another term to keep benefiting from the savings at no cost to you.

Creating a win-win situation for Australian homeowners and the environment.

What do I get?

$0 cost solar and battery system and installation

We pay for the equipment, installation and maintenance and you buy the clean energy from us at a low rate of 18c per KW hour.

Fixed electricity rates for 10 years

Did you know that energy retailers can legally increase their prices 4 times per year?
Lock in your low-cost rate for the next 10 years using clean, renewable energy.

Premium Panels & Batteries

We install premium Longi brand solar panels and only use SunGrow batteries -Australia's largest, trusted battery supplier- to ensure a lasting quality of energy generation & storage.

Ongoing Support & No lock-in contracts

We include ongoing maintenance for the lifetime of the agreement to ensure downtime is minimised.
Have a favourite energy retailer? You have the ability to switch energy retailers.

Is My Home Eligible?

✔ Your quarterly energy bills are over $600

✔ Your roof isn't shaded by trees, which would impact the performance of the panels

✔ Your roof needs to fit a minimum of 15 panels, required to charge the battery

✔ Your roof needs to be in good enough condition to support the weight of the panels

How do I know if this plan is right for me?

When thinking about the different options available to purchase solar and a battery, there’s a range of factors to consider. We’ve compared several common options in the table below. Ultimately, it comes down to your own circumstances and what’s most important to you.

Partnering only with the most reputable suppliers

The Clean Energy Project works exclusively with Industry leading brands, so you get the most out of your solar energy!

Take Control of Your Energy Bills

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today! Contact us today to explore how we can add our zero-cost solar to your property and start reducing your energy costs!

People often wonder if there's a catch and it is our most asked question. But honestly, there isn't a catch.

Here's the deal: we team up with energy providers to give you an offer where you only pay for the solar power you use. It's way cheaper than regular grid power and saves you a lot. Plus, we use our expertise to work through different energy market situations, which helps lower costs for everyone. Being part of this crew means you're not just saving money, you're also doing your bit for the environment. Cool, right?

No need to worry about upfront costs.
With our setup, you only pay a discounted rate for the power you use from the Solar & Battery system. We've got fixed daily fees that take care of the regular network expenses and give you access to VPP. And guess what? All of these costs are bundled up nicely in your new, cheaper energy plan. Keeps things easy!

If you're thinking about selling your home, we've got you covered with three options.

First up, having a fully installed Solar & Battery system can actually increase your home's value, making it more appealing to potential buyers. You can buy the system according to the depreciation schedule and recoup the cost when you sell.

Another option: The Clean Energy Project can sort out an access agreement transfer for the system, so the new owners can keep enjoying those exclusive rates.

Lastly, if you want to part ways with the NRN System, just give us a shout at the Clean Energy Project. Once you've paid off the system's total cost, we'll handle everything. We'll arrange for a Solar Retailer to take out and relocate the system to an approved site. Once it's removed and paid for, your commitments under the contract come to an end.

The agreement includes service and maintenance for a solid 10 years. Whenever you feel like it, you can decide to buy out the system at its depreciated value. If you stick with us for the full 10 years, we've got you covered. We'll upgrade your battery and inverter at no extra charge. And hey, if you decide to bail after 24 months, no worries - there's no early exit fees. We've got your back!

Absolutely! You've can buy your Solar and Battery system whenever you're ready, following the depreciation schedule outlined in your service and maintenance agreement. The depreciation rate might differ depending on your specific system. When you decide to make the purchase, we'll transfer all warranties to you, guaranteeing that you've got full coverage. It's all about giving you the freedom of choice!