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Zero Cost Solar

There's no catch, there is genuinely Zero Cost to homeowners. You won't get the full savings from the solar until the end on the agreement and ownership of the panels and battery transfer to you.

People often wonder if there's a catch and it is our most asked question. But honestly, there isn't a catch.

Here's the deal: we team up with energy providers to give you an offer where you only pay for the solar power you use. It's way cheaper than regular grid power and saves you a lot. Plus, we use our expertise to work through different energy market situations, which helps lower costs for everyone. Being part of this crew means you're not just saving money, you're also doing your bit for the environment. Cool, right?

No need to worry about upfront costs.
With our setup, you only pay a discounted rate for the power you use from the Solar & Battery system. We've got fixed daily fees that take care of the regular network expenses and give you access to VPP. And guess what? All of these costs are bundled up nicely in your new, cheaper energy plan. Keeps things easy!

If you're thinking about selling your home, we've got you covered with three options.

First up, having a fully installed Solar & Battery system can actually increase your home's value, making it more appealing to potential buyers. You can buy the system according to the depreciation schedule and recoup the cost when you sell.

Another option: The Clean Energy Project can sort out an access agreement transfer for the system, so the new owners can keep enjoying those exclusive rates.

Lastly, if you want to part ways with the NRN System, just give us a shout at the Clean Energy Project. Once you've paid off the system's total cost, we'll handle everything. We'll arrange for a Solar Retailer to take out and relocate the system to an approved site. Once it's removed and paid for, your commitments under the contract come to an end.

The agreement includes service and maintenance for a solid 10 years. Whenever you feel like it, you can decide to buy out the system at its depreciated value. If you stick with us for the full 10 years, we've got you covered. We'll upgrade your battery and inverter at no extra charge. And hey, if you decide to bail after 24 months, no worries - there's no early exit fees. We've got your back!

Absolutely! You've can buy your Solar and Battery system whenever you're ready, following the depreciation schedule outlined in your service and maintenance agreement. The depreciation rate might differ depending on your specific system. When you decide to make the purchase, we'll transfer all warranties to you, guaranteeing that you've got full coverage. It's all about giving you the freedom of choice!


The process doesn't need to be complicated, we've simplified it to put the power in your hands.

You're not tied down to a single energy retailer. At the Clean Energy Project, you keep your "Power of Choice" rights intact, giving you the flexibility to switch energy retailers whenever you please to snag the best rates available. Stick with another approved Partner Retailer, and your plan will still handle all the costs of running and looking after the system. Our Partner Retailer plans are designed to maximize your financial benefits. But hey, if you opt for a non-partner retailer, just keep in mind you'll need to cough up a daily fee to NRN on top of the standard rates and fees from the retailer. It's all about keeping you in control!

Our partner NRN has got your back when it comes to the operation and performance of your system. You can kick back and relax knowing that we're on top of it all. We keep a close eye on your system through regular monitoring and maintenance, making sure it's firing on all cylinders. If any issues pop up, we're quick to come in and set things right. Trust us and our partner NRN to handle all the technical nitty-gritty, ensuring your system runs smoothly and you reap all the rewards hassle-free. Just sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Certain plans offer credits for energy exported from your battery during specific times. However, with your current energy plan, your daytime solar export benefit is already factored in, meaning you won't receive a separate credit for any excess solar power sent back to the grid during the day. To make the most of your system, it's best to utilise as much power as you can from the Solar & Battery setup. This way, you'll maximise the benefits your system has to offer.

Think of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) as a team of connected systems working together to provide power and various services to the grid. It's like having a central brain that controls everything, managing how electricity is produced and distributed based on demand.

When the demand for electricity spikes, the VPP taps into multiple sources to meet the need and sends power to the grid. During quieter times, it can store extra energy in batteries or sell it back to the grid. Essentially, VPPs are superheroes that help keep the energy grid running smoothly by balancing the supply and demand of electricity. Plus, they can even help cut down on costly grid upgrades needed to handle peak demand. VPPs: making the energy game more efficient and reliable!