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Solar systems for Companies

Future-proof your business today with the Clean Energy Project's Zero-cost Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Solar for Companies

Solar systems for companies can unlock immediate energy savings and enable your company to reach your sustainability goals faster. Whether your company solar needs are in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, learn how our unique zero-cost VPP solar system packages can help your business shift to renewable energy.

The Clean Energy Project's Zero-cost VPP can help your company stop overpaying for energy by up-to 25% and shield your business from rising commercial energy costs. We can help your company get clean solar energy with zero upfront costs, ongoing costs or maintenance burdens - just the savings. 

Are Escalating Energy Bills Eroding Your Profits and Growth Potential?

Rising energy costs have emerged as a formidable challenge for Australian businesses across various sectors.

While solar power presents a viable solution, traditional solar installations come with their own set of obstacles:

  • Rising energy costs are a major challenge for Australian businesses, especially in sectors like manufacturing and hospitality. A recent survey by [industry association] found that over 60% of businesses are struggling to absorb rising energy prices. For many, these costs are directly cutting into their ability to invest in new equipment, hire skilled staff, or expand their operations.
  • Traditional solar solutions offer a way out but come with their own hurdles. A commercial system can easily cost $30,000 - $50,000 upfront, putting it out of reach for many businesses. Plus, there are ongoing maintenance costs and lengthy periods before seeing a return on investment.
Solar for commercial properties Sydney
Solar for Business

The VPP Advantage: The Smart, Sustainable Solution for Your Business's Energy Needs

Unlock immediate savings and a competitive edge by joining a network of commercial properties harnessing shared solar power. This innovative solution allows your business to reduce reliance on the costly energy grid and transition to clean energy without upfront investment or maintenance hassles:

  • Join our VPPYour business joins a network of properties with solar panels, allowing you to tap into a shared power source and reduce your reliance on the costly energy grid.
  • Zero Upfront Investment: Focus your capital on core business growth.
  • Immediate Savings: Start seeing an average reduction of 20-25% on your energy bills from the moment you join our VPP – that's money you can reinvest directly into your operations.
  • Hassle-Free Sustainability: Transition to clean energy without equipment ownership or maintenance worries.
  • Competitive Edge: Lower operating costs strengthen your market position.

Redirect Solar Infrastructure Capital to Grow Your Business

Reinvest Solar capital investment into building and growing your business: 

  • Upgrade Aging Machinery and Equipment: Replace that outdated, energy-guzzling equipment with a high-efficiency model to boost productivity and reduce long-term operating costs.
  • Launch a New Marketing Campaign: Reach untapped markets, promote your sustainability commitment, and drive new business with a targeted marketing initiative.
  • Offer Bonuses to Your Team: Invest those energy savings in your most valuable asset – your people. Bonuses or rewards demonstrate your appreciation and boost morale.

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Environmental Leadership & Sustainability: Power Your Sustainability Goals, Get Ahead of Climate Reporting

In today's business landscape, environmental responsibility isn't just an ethical consideration – it's a strategic imperative. Consumers increasingly favour sustainable brands, investors are scrutinising climate risks, and stricter regulations are on the horizon. By adopting Clean Energy Project's VPP, your business takes proactive action towards a greener future, enhancing its reputation and positioning itself for long-term success. Here's how:

  • Consumers, investors, and regulators are demanding climate action. Demonstrate your commitment with a tangible step towards cleaner energy.
  • Enhance your brand reputation as an environmentally responsible business with Clean Energy Project's VPP.
  • Australia's mandatory climate reporting begins in 2024. Get ahead of the curve and streamline compliance by transitioning to sustainable energy now.

What Industries in Australia can Benefit from Switching to Solar Clean Energy Power?

Businesses across Australia are grappling with rising energy costs, but some industries are particularly burdened due to their operational needs. If your business falls within one of the following sectors, Clean Energy Project's VPP can offer a pathway to significant savings and a more sustainable future.

Solar Systems for Office Buildings Sydney

Office buildings & commercial spaces

Solar Systems for Hospitality Sydney

Hotels, serviced apartments, resorts & investment AirBNB's

Solar Systems for Retail Sydney

Retail stores & shopping centres

Solar Systems for Schools Sydney

Schools, universities & other educational institutions

Solar Systems for Childcare and Daycare Sydney

Childcare Facilities

Solar Systems for factories and manufacturing Sydney

Manufacturers & industrial facilities

Solar Systems for Aged Care Assisted Care Sydney

Assisted care & healthcare facilities

Solar Systems for Car Dealerships Sydney

Automotive & Car Dealerships

Solar Systems for Data Centres Sydney

Data centres

Take Control of Your Energy Future

Schedule Your Free VPP Consultation Today! Contact us today to explore how we can add our zero-cost solar VPP system to your business property and start reducing your commercial energy costs by up-to 25%.

Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, a VPP connects multiple locations with solar panels and battery systems into a single, distributed energy source. This allows participants to share power, reducing their reliance on the traditional grid and lowering their energy costs.

The core benefit of our VPP is that there are zero upfront costs. We handle the installation and maintenance of any necessary equipment, so you can start saving money immediately.

No, your business operations won't be interrupted. The integration into the VPP is seamless, and you'll still have access to the traditional energy grid as needed.

While savings vary slightly depending on your energy usage patterns, most businesses see an average reduction of 20-25% on their energy bills.

The best way to find out is to schedule a free consultation. Generally, businesses with high energy consumption and suitable rooftop or ground space for solar installations are ideal candidates.