Our Mission: Replace 3 Coal-Fired Power Stations with Clean, Affordable Solar Energy.

We are installing Zero Cost Solar and Battery Packages to 1 Million homes across Australia.

We are Passionate about Sustainability, Promoting a NEW Generation for the Next Generation.

Tired of rising energy costs? We can help! Find out how much money you can save.

The Clean Energy Project

Our Mission

We're installing Zero Cost solar systems and battery packages to One Million homes across Australia.

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Homes to receive 'Zero Cost' solar & battery packages


Saving 21 million tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere.


Replacing 3 coal fired power stations


Business & Commercial

Future-proof your business today with the Clean Energy Project's Zero-cost Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Zero-cost Commercial Solar


How We Can Help You

We make going solar easy for Sydney home owners. Our team of experts will assess your energy needs and provide a customised solar system solution that fits your home and budget.

Solar System

We install premium solar systems with Longi brand solar panels to ensure a lasting quality of energy generation.

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A high-quality brand is critical for the longevity of the battery. We only use SunGrow batteries- Australia's largest, trusted battery supplier.

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Included in our package is an ongoing maintenance contract for the lifetime of the agreement to ensure downtime is minimised.

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No Lock-In

We put the power in your hands. Have a favourite? You have the ability to switch energy retailers.


Calculate Your Savings

Did you know that energy retailers can legally increase their prices 4 times per year? That’s 40 price increases over the next 10 years.

Lock in your low-cost rate for the next 10 years using clean, renewable energy.

Homeowners typically save 20-25% on their electricity bill

Apply for a Free Consultation in less than 5 minutes and learn how much you could save.



The following are real case studies from regular Sydney residents looking to reduce their energy bills and transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable solar energy.

Tim - Cromer NSW

Family of 4

Annual energy bill $6,542

Savings over 10 years $29,415

Upfront Cost to Tim = Zero

Amy - Frenchs Forest NSW

Family of 4

Annual Energy bill $3,933

Savings over 10 years $11,322

Upfront cost to Amy = Zero

Bruno - Bangor NSW

Family of 5

Annual energy bill $5,436

Savings over 10 years $18,746

Upfront cost to Bruno = Zero

Bran - Northern Beaches NSW

Family of 4

Annual energy bill $3,080

Savings over 10 years $10,732

Upfront cost to Amy = Zero